Monthly Archives: December 2013

Professor Jaime Del Razo’s Perspective on ELL Students

Professor Jaime Del Razo links his work on undocumented students with a broader discussion about English language learner (ELL) students. Please click here to read more and watch his video interview.


Professors Jaime Del Razo’s and Michelle Renee’s Article on Expanding Equity through More and Better Learning Time

College readiness calls for tapping the resources of the whole community – higher education, community organizations, businesses, funders, and civic organizations – to support and align learning inside and outside of schools.  The authors explore this educational ecosystem by focusing and using time as the lever towards social and school equity.

Read the full article here

Professors Papay and Tyler Receive Gates Foundation Grant to Study Teacher Evaluation

Professors John Papay and John Tyler have recently been awarded a research grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant funds a three-year project to study how teacher evaluation can be used to improve instructional practice. The research team (which includes Mary Laski, a current UEP student) is currently using detailed evaluation data to pair teachers who struggle in specific areas of practice with colleagues who have demonstrated success in those areas. The team will evaluate the effectiveness of this program on teacher practice and student achievement.