Q&A with UEP Alum Havala Hanson, Senior Research Advisor at Education Northwest

Q: How did your experience in the UEP program prepare you for the work you are doing now?

 A: The UEP program did a really nice job of repurposing my skills for this type of work. I was a teacher prior to that which gave me a lot of really good perspective of what was happening on the ground. So UEP took those skills and added on top of it all of the research and quantitative analysis. I was research assistant for Ken Wong and that was really helpful going through, getting more experience with STATA. It’s a really useful skill to have on your resume.

Q: What advice would you give current UEP students?

 A. Quantitative methods are really important to get hired for a lot of jobs even if the job isn’t totally quantitative. It’s a skill that not a lot of people have. It’s difficult to find people who can do the quantitative analysis that can also talk to people and present things in a way that people who aren’t familiar with that type of analysis can understand and help them interpret and make decisions.  Also, my hope would be that everyone invest themselves in the UEP program and take what they can because the year goes by fast.

Q: What is one of your biggest takeaways from the UEP program?

 A: The strong cohort focus, it’s a small program and you get that high intensity focus with your classmates and professors, that’s all really important. We all continue to connect and the networks just keep going and going, so I felt really privileged being a part of that family and it’s just a really rich experience, it changed my life, it changed my brain.

UEP Alum Havala Hanson (right) and colleague

UEP Alum Havala Hanson (right) and colleague Sarah Frazelle